Why is it cool to have likes on Instagram?


Many people want to have a successful, profitable account, and therefore they are looking for all sorts of ways to buy Instagram likes cheap. But the question arises: why is this really needed and why are people willing to give their money for likes?

Why do we need Instagram likes?

Likes are an important indicator of a profile’s ranking. They play an even bigger role on Instagram than on other social networks. “Hearts” serve as a kind of signal to the algorithm that a post with a photo or video has been approved by most of the users.

With a large number of likes, posts will receive more and more coverage, which means more people will be able to get acquainted with the advertised brand or service.

In addition to making money from placing advertising links, selling goods and services, some seek to get more likes in order to simply become popular and raise self-esteem. Others want to show as many people as possible new achievements or discoveries, to show their creativity.

How to Earn Lots of Likes on Instagram

Having created a new Instagram page, it is quite difficult to immediately get the users’ appreciation and get a lot of likes. Therefore, many resort to the services of specialized services, through which, for money or for free, you can dial many “hearts”.

The main advantage of paid services is the high speed of getting likes. The customer receives the first results literally after several hours of work of specialists. However, it is worth noting that you need to choose proven social media promotion services such as P4smm, otherwise you can get a lot of bots. This is not entirely desirable. Why? Because, firstly, such activity can lead to account blocking. Secondly, there will definitely not be any return in other areas, such as comments, from such an audience.

Free ways of boosting likes on Instagram involve spending much more time:

  • Manual mass-like – you do the routine work on Instagram, showing likes to everyone in the hope that they will reciprocate you. According to statistics, about 30% react. Instagram also set a limit – no more than 500 likes per day from one account.
  • Exchange of actions using exchanges – on the exchange, you perform simple tasks, such as subscribe, like, write a comment, etc. For this, you get points (local currency), for which you can order the promotion of your page.

So the easiest way is to turn to cheat services. It will be faster and more efficient. and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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